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The Programme:
Under NRuM, Clusters of settlement in rural areas having potential to grow as semi-urban areas are identified and developed as Rurban Clusters by provisioning of economic, social and physical infrastructure facilities. According to the guidelines, such clusters can be Tribal or Non-Tribal. Development works within the approved clusters are taken up after preparation of the Integrated Cluster Action Plan (ICAP) and its approval by the Govt. of India. At least 70% of the total size of ICAP is to be met through convergence of different existing schemes, while up to 30% of the ICAP is funded jointly by the Govt. of India and the State (at a 90:10 share basis) through ‘Critical Gap Funding’ (CGF) subject to the following maximum limits.
1. Tribal Clusters – Max. ` 15 crore
2. Non Tribal Clusters – Max. ` 30 crore

Administrative Setup: No separate staff has been engaged under this programme. At the State level, State Level Empowered Committee (SLEC) is there, under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary and comprising of the Secretaries of different departments. The Additional Secretary, RD is the State Head, while Shri Rupan Debbarma, Deputy Secretary, RD is the Nodal Officer. At the District level, there is District Level Committee (DLC), headed by the DM & Collector and comprising of the officials of different departments. The programme is implemented by the DM & Collector at the district level, with participation of different line departments.

Status in the State: For NRuM, a list of top 16 blocks, comprising of 8 Tribal blocks and 8 Non-Tribal blocks was prepared by the Govt. of India on the basis of their potential to become Rurban clusters and was shared with the State for selection of clusters. Out of the list, 5 (five) Rurban Clusters have so far been approved by the Govt. of India on the basis of recommendation of the State in Phase 1 and Phase 2. These are –

Sl. No. Phase- I Blocks Sl. No. Phase- II Blocks
1 Hrishyamukh - Non Tribal 1 Chawmanu –Tribal
2 Kathalia - Non Tribal 2 Killa - Tribal
    3 Jampui Hills - Tribal

Recently State Government has selected 2 (two) Non Tribal blocks for taking up under NRuM in Phase-III. These are:-

Sl. No. Phase- III Blocks
1 Panisagar - Non Tribal
2 Salema - Non Tribal